Sterling Computers offers the following services:

Software Solutions

System Upgrades

With technology getting faster everyday, sometimes it can be hard for someone to keep tabs on what's new in the computing world. When you contact Sterling Computer Systems, we will explain what is current in the computer industry, and how it relates to your needs. We can perform upgrades to your current computer, or we can build a new machine to your specifications.

Software Installations

Not only is the computer hardware world growing at a rapid pace, the software industry is keeping in stride with the technological changes. If you are looking for a software solution that will make your computer usage more productive and efficient, we can help.

Hardware Solutions

Networking Solutions

With networking technology growing by leaps and bounds, smart businesses are taking advantage of this growth to help turn their network into a tool for a more efficient and productive work environment. But with terms like VPN, 802.11g, NAS, firewall, GigE, and VoIP, it's easy to become confused. Sterling Computer Systems is here to help explain new technologies to you in simple English, and to determine what your network needs are. We can also help you plan for possible network expansion. as always, if there is a problem with your network, we will be there to help. Whether you are running a small store with three computers, or a large business with network connections all over the globe, Sterling is there for you.

Custom Servers

Not only do we repair servers, we also build them for you. We custom build our servers to fit your needs. We build anything from servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 to Debian or CentOS. We will build a server that you can rely on. Please call for a custom server quote.

Custom Computers

We build systems out of trusted standard industry equipment. We can custom build a desktop for your home, business workstation, high end gaming system or graphic workstation. Please call for more information.

Wireless Setup

We can set up your wireless network for you. Don't know WEP from WAP, don't worry we will secure your wireless network for you and explain in plain English. We can also let you know what will work best for your current location and equipment.

Computer Repair

In a world that runs 24/7, you have no time for dealing with obstacles. So when your system or network stops working, you need someone who can respond quickly to your issues. Sterling Computer Systems can come out to your home or business, and in most cases, diagnose and repair the issue right on the spot. Even in those cases where your computer needs to be brought back to our offices to be analyzed with special tools, our turnaround time is one of the shortest in the computer repair industry. Your obstacle will be removed in a speedy fashion, so you can continue working on what's important: your life and your business.

Technical Support

Data Recovery

Lost data due to a format, failing hard drive, or an accidental delete? Your data is important to you. Recovering data does not always mean going to a costly data recovery center. Most data recovery can be done same or next day and does not need to be sent to an out of state company.

Remote Support

Remote service avalible with a one time setup fee. Setup a time for us to clean up your system. Remove unwanted applications and install new ones. Service available soon.

Spyware Removal

Spyware can come in many forms. It can be known as Adware, Malware, Spyware, Dialers or Hijackers. These are all types of software that can cause anything from a slow computer to identity theft. According to Consumer reports Spyware infections prompted Over 900,000 households to replace their computers in the first half of 2007. An estimated 90% of all home computers in the US have some Spyware on them

Disaster Recovery

When technology evolves, there will always be groups and individuals who follow along, using everything they have to exploit these new technologies for their own means. Unfortunately, these criminals have no remorse for those who are affected by their activities, whether it is hardware damage or data loss. While we stress preventative measures, we understand that sometimes these measures are circumvented by accident. When this happens, and you are struck by a virus or Spyware, we can help pick up the pieces and get you going again.

Virus Removal

Today the world of high speed internet provides more opportunity for an unsecured computer to receive a virus. These can be received from emails or just being on the internet. Why let this slow you down? We will remove any viruses found on your system as well as secure your computer. We can recommend Anti-Virus software or install the software of your choice once the virus has been removed.