If our FAQs have not answered your questions please contact us so we can help you further.

Q: When will my computer be ready?

A: Usually in a day or two. We work on multiple computers at once, so we get through as many as we can in as little time as we can. We've even been known to work nights to get the work done.

Q: Will you fix any computer?

A: Pretty much. Sometimes we won't fix it because we don't find it a good use of your money. Our bench/diagnostic fee always applies, but if we deem your computer too old to pour money into, we'll be honest and tell you so.

Q: Where are you fixing these computers anyway?

A: We have no retail storefront, so our costs are kept down by repairing computers either at home, or at our small business suite.

Q: What can I expect it to cost to fix my computer?

A: Many people have problems that stem from software only. For these people, the average price paid is going to be around $75. Other people have hardware problems*. For issues like these, you can expect $200-$300 for Major Components (CPU + Memory + Motherboard), $75-$150 for Storage (Hard Drive) or you may get away with a add-on card (NIC Card, Modem, Video Card) for as little as $25. *(Approximate prices do not include labor)

Q: My computer has spyware AGAIN. Why is this happening to me and how can I protect myself?

A: Stop clicking on random links in emails and on webpages. Have an end in mind and be conscious when you're websurfing. Everyone has a head cold from time to time, but when you're getting the flu 4 times a year, there may be a better way to keep yourself healthy. Use a good anti-spyware program like MalwareBytes. Use a good Antivirus like Avast, ESET, or AVG and KEEP THEM UPDATED! Keep Windows updated with its regular security updates. That's about it. Don't depend on the software to perform magic. Make sure you abide by rule #1 : Be conscious of what you click on while surfing!!!